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It's Time to be your true self

November 08, 2021
Adam Henson Show
It's Time to be your true self
Show Notes

When you are around certain friends are you a different person that if you are at home with lets say just you and your spouse?

Often times we change to be the person who others want us to be, I know this because I did it for years.

When i was working as a correctional officer I had a persona that they would want to be around, then when I was at home I was a different person, when I was playing with an individual sports team I was again a different person.

Now I don't mean you have different personalities but things like, I could cry at home if I was hurting but you don't ever cry at work.

I could talk to people about my beliefs on a sports team or a club that I was with but don't talk about that somewhere else.

I wasn't being my true self, I was being who I believed that they wanted me to be. I still work on this because I do care what people think about me, but not as much I don't hide from who I am.

I also know that people are going to like authentic me, and if they don't well they don't need to be in my circle. This is where I want you to get, not you aren't going to drastically get there after you listen to this podcast, I do wish I was that good, but i will give you some tricks to be more of you around everyone.


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