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You are in charge of your Change

March 31, 2022 Adam Henson Season 2 Episode 26
Adam Henson Show
You are in charge of your Change
Show Notes

There will always come a time in everyone’s life that will cause you to reinvent yourself and to course correct, today I my course correction. 

This Will be my last PTSD Growth Podcast as I feel that PTSD isn’t the right path for me, I do enjoy teaching you all and I have started another podcast called  "The Adam Henson Show ", this one I am going to be going a little deeper with mindset, heart, and body. 

Teaching you that when you use faith, your mind, Passion your heart, and action, your body your life will change. Not can but will. 

Your life is full of decisions every day, whether you want to get up in the morning, if you want to get past your emotional state, if you want to have some chocolate?

Decisions and the way your life goes from this moment forward is up to you. There will always be a yesterday, something that you wish you could change but you can't.

But there is also a today and tomorrow, the times that you can create the life that you want and give it everything that you have.

This choice and ultimately responsibility is yours, the way you live your life (actions) your choice, the emotional state that you are in or attach to each event (heart) your choice, and the thoughts that you habitually have every moment of everyday (mindset) your choice.

Don't waste another day wishing it was different today than it was yesterday. Make the decision today to make it better than yesterday.

Take the actions that are going to move you to be the person you want. Remove negative emotions from events and use that energy towards things you want. Shift your mindset to be more grateful and positive to the things that you already have.

Thank you everyone for being dedicated Listeners - Remember I love you and there is nothing you can do about it.

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